Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Campbell's Chunky Turkey Chili

Last night I had the Campbell's Chunky Turkey Chili. It was really good. I believe I'm going to add this into my rotation...

I guess that adding beans to my diet really was a good thing!

Program goal review

When you sign up for the program, they set a weight loss goal for you of 2 lbs. per week of the program. I'm on the 10 week program, so I'm supposed to lose 20 lbs. I've lost 27.2 and have 3 weeks left in the program.

If I project out reasonable (even conservative) weight loss for the rest of my time on the program, it looks like I will easily make my personal goal, and may even make my stretch goal. I figure that if I lose 2 lbs. per week for the rest of the 10 week program, and then lose 1 lb. per week for the maintenance part of my program, I will lose (3 x 2) + (12 x 1) = 18 lbs. Subtract 18 lbs. from what I weigh now (195 lbs.) and you get 177 lbs. My main goal weight is 180, and my stretch goal is 175. It certainly seems reasonable that I can reach these goals if I keep things up.

Week 7 update

Yesterday was my 8th dietician visit and the end of week 7 of the program. I'm over two thirds done with the main part of the program and am still going strong.

Here's the lowdown: I weighed in at 195.2 lbs, which is a loss of 2.8 lbs. this week. This means I've lost a total of 27.2 lbs. in 7 weeks. In addition, this week I got to start having grains again. They are starting me off on 1 slice of whole wheat bread per day (woohoo!). Hey, it's a start.

I was at a celebration in St. Louis over the weekend, and while I only ate on the plan while I was there (no cake, brownies, etc.), I did not do my meal tracking religiously for two days. I did have my White Castles (3 cheeseburgers, please!) and although they were good, they weren't quite as good as I seem to remember. I also managed to run twice while I was there, getting in about 8.5 miles outside.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Off the wagon

I fell off the wagon while I was in St. Louis this weekend. No, I didn't pig out on brownies or popcorn. It's actually pretty lame: I didn't track my meals for two days.

My dietician was forgiving, especially since I went out of town for a celebration and didn't cheat.

Hardest run to date

I was in St. Louis this weekend and ran with one of my buddies. He has been running steadily for the past year, and is in training for a half marathon. Anyway, he was due for a 4.5 miler so I ran with him last Friday.

It was really good running with someone, and especially good running with someone faster than you. We also ran outside in his neighborhood which has a lot of hills which I've been avoiding so far. Long story short, I ran 4.45 miles at a 10:30 min. per mile pace. This was really hard but very rewarding.

I think I need to get a running buddy. I also need to get outside more once the weather gets a tad warmer.

Waist size decrease

I've lost about 3-4 inches in my waist since I began the program. I've also started wearing my 34" waist pants that I used wear back when I was running regularly. This is pretty exciting.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New goal reached

I've officially broken the 200 lb. barrier! This is the 3rd of my weight loss goals that I have reached so far. Next stop: 190...

Quick week 6 update

Well, I weighed in today for the end of week 6 and the beginning of week 7. I lost 3.6 lbs. in the past week, for a total of 24 lbs. This is in 6 weeks, for an average of 4 lbs. per week in weight loss.

I'll post more about my mid-program checkup results and some other appointments I had later...


No, nothing really bad happened. It's just that I found out today that the folks at the Pro Club have been reading this blog. Now I have to watch what I say...

But since they are reading, let me take this opportunity to say that all the people I've worked with from the club have been extremely friendly and supportive throughout my program. I highly recommend both Megan and David Sams (aka "Aussie"). They are really doing the trick for me.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Update on goals

Here is an update on how I'm doing on the goals from a previous post:

Goals Reached:
Current Goals:

I should be able to hit one of my current goals this week, and one the following week. Here's to goals!

Week 5 update

I just got back from my 6th dietician appointment, which marks the end of my fifth week in the program. The big news was the weigh-in where I weighed 201.8 lbs.! That means I lost 2.6 lbs. this week, and a total of 20.6 lbs. for the program so far! I can therefore check my second weight loss goal off my list (reach my 20/20 program weight loss goal). Next stop, breaking 200 lbs. which should happen this week.

Other than that, I had my measurements taken this week, and have lost 3 inches in my waist. This must be why my pants are fitting better (okay, fitting!). I've got an appointment next Tuesday with the doctor after my dietician. I will talk to him then about my blood pressure medication, which I may be able to reduce a bit.

I did get chastised a bit because I was not eating enough fruit. Also, we talked about how to eat at restaurants, but I've been doing that for weeks. I was informed that next week would be the week I get to add beans to my diet. Mmmm, beans...

I confess: I had french onion soup this week, and ate the bread at the bottom of the bowl.

My updated goals

I have set a number of goals for myself on the program. I figure that many smaller goals always gives me something to look forward to achieving without having to wait months and months. Here are my goals (including a new goal that I just recently added: more on that later).

Bill's Weight Loss Goals (in rough order of expected acheivement):
Bill's Health Goals:
Bill's Fitness Goals:

I will be updating on the status of these goals as I go along. I've already met some of them, but I'll save that for other postings.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Week 4 results

Tuesday was my 5th dietician visit, and the end of my first 4 weeks on the program. My weight was at 204.4 lbs., for a total loss of 18 lbs. I lost 3.6 lbs. last week. I've got to say the weight loss is pretty spectacular, and I can really see that I've dropped a lot of pounds. I was actually able to fit into a pair of 34" waist jeans yesterday (although they were pretty tight!)

When I checked my blood pressure yesterday, it averaged around 130/74. The bottom number seems to be dropping faster than the top. If I recall my experience from Washington University Medical School (my first job out of college), the top number is the pressure when the heart is pumping while the bottom number is when the heart is between pumps. I've got a theory that the bottom number drops faster because my heart got used to having to pump harder to deal with the high blood pressure, and it takes it a little while to ratchet down. The bottom number is more indicative of the overall reduction in BP. This is probably nonsense, but its the best I can come up with.

My dietician said I can have low glycemic fruit now, which is mostly any fruit except bananas and cherries. I can't have juice or dried fruit either. I'm not a big fruit eater, so this is not a big win for me. I'm still waiting for pasta and bread. That's going to be big!

She also said I need to watch for light headedness that could be an indication that it's time to drop my HBP medication. I've got an appointment coming up with Dr. Upton, so I will talk to him about my medication then.

Finally, I still am not hungry and not terribly bored with the food I can eat. I can have chicken, fish, some beef, pork, yogurt, milk, cheese, vegetables, most fruit, small amounts of nuts, and some other foods. Basically, I can't have sweets, bread, pasta, beans, corn, cream (no creamy soups!), and high fat proteins (hamburger, regular sausage, etc.).

I'm really glad I did the program. I think that this is going to be a real lifestyle change that I can stick with.

Monday, March 06, 2006

A moment of worry...

Yesterday, I was doing my cardio on the treadmill as usual. After about 10 minutes, I started feeling a pain in the outside of my left knee. I kept running for a couple minutes and it didn't go away. I was sidelined by a problem in this knee before, so I don't take chances with it. I slowed down to a brisk walk and went on until I had gone 20 minutes total, at which point I quit. The pain went away when I slowed down.

Today, I did a slow run (4.5 mph) for 45 minutes and the good news is that had no pain.

I need to be careful not to overdo it as my cardiovascular system gets more fit than my muscles and joints. This is one of the quickest ways to injure yourself as a runner.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Week 3 results

Yesterday, I met with my dietician for the 4th time. The big news was that I lost 2.6 lbs. in week three of the program. This gives me a total weight loss of 14.4 lbs. officially.

I've got to say that such effective weight loss in 3 weeks is a HUGE motivator. It gives me a reason to think that my goal of 175 lbs. is not out of the question. I keep running the numbers like this: if I can lose 2 lbs. per week for the next 7 weeks of the actual 20/20 program, I'll be down to193. Then if I can lose 1 lb. per week during the 12 week maintenance phase of the program, I'll be at 181. That weight would be awesome for me, but I would also be within striking distance of 175. If I can lose 2.5 lbs. per week it's even better!

Another bit of good news: I checked my blood pressure at home this morning and it was at 128/75. This is getting much better than it had been. At some point I'm probably going to have to talk to Dr. Upton (my 20/20 physician) about decreasing my BP medication...

On the food front, I get to have cheese from now on. This is good too, as it gives me other options for snacks.

Finally, I talked to the dietician about my salad situation. I was regularly making a salad for lunch, and topping it with tuna for protein and vinegar and oil for dressing. Unfortunately, this was creating a salad that had about 14+ grams of fat, which really seemed a lot for a salad. For some reason, I forgot that Megan had mentioned some really good fat-free salad dressings that I could use. This cuts the salad from 14 grams of fat to 4. I now have to have a little supplemental fat to go with my tuna, but this still saves 5 grams of fat. Given that I'm allowed 35-49 gram per day, every savings is important!

Finally, I'm down to 2 to 3 shakes a day. I always have a shake for breakfast (with a peanut butter chaser!). That means one more shake a day, probably as a late afternoon or evening snack.

Anyway, things are going well. There have been no setbacks, and I couldn't be happier with the results. All in all, 20/20 may have been one of the best investments I've ever made.

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