Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Program goal review

When you sign up for the program, they set a weight loss goal for you of 2 lbs. per week of the program. I'm on the 10 week program, so I'm supposed to lose 20 lbs. I've lost 27.2 and have 3 weeks left in the program.

If I project out reasonable (even conservative) weight loss for the rest of my time on the program, it looks like I will easily make my personal goal, and may even make my stretch goal. I figure that if I lose 2 lbs. per week for the rest of the 10 week program, and then lose 1 lb. per week for the maintenance part of my program, I will lose (3 x 2) + (12 x 1) = 18 lbs. Subtract 18 lbs. from what I weigh now (195 lbs.) and you get 177 lbs. My main goal weight is 180, and my stretch goal is 175. It certainly seems reasonable that I can reach these goals if I keep things up.

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