Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Skiing update

Well, now that I've skied one black, I've been skiing them regularly now. I tend to be able to get down the groomed blacks without too much trouble, although I would hardly say I look good on them. The bumpy blacks still give me some trouble.

I rented some longer skis last weekend (178cm Salomon X Wing Tornados), and I learned something very valuable: while I like how fast I can go on these skis, I could not maneuver them well enough. I'd like to be able to ski moguls well, and I think these skis were just too long and heavy to get them turned around as quickly as I would have liked.

One final update: it looks like Nathan and I are going to go to Whistler for a ski weekend before the season ends. We were planning to go this weekend, but it looks like something is going on up there that is making all the rooms extra expensive. We will try to go sometime in the next few weeks, before the snow starts to melt.


I myself have trouble with the triple black diamonds in mammoth only when its cloudy because it helps turn the snow into ice and its very difficult to rideNOW!
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