Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Marathon training: week 9 update

Well, I've reached the halfway point of my training program. This week was a back off week, meaning my long run mileage was not an increase over the previous week. I was supposed to run 24 miles this week: 3 miles, 7 miles, 4 miles, and a 10 mile long run.

I'm happy to report, especially after last week's disaster, that this week was a high quality week. I ran all runs as scheduled, and even finished my long run with no walking breaks. My pace on the long run was under 11:00 min/mile, which is pretty quick for a long run (for me).

Next week will be the real test. I've stated that if I can run more than a 14 mile long run, I should be able to finish my training and do the marathon. That run occurs this week. I've got a 15 mile long run on the schedule for this weekend. In addition, I have a 3 miler, a 7 miler, and a 4 miler during the week. This is a total of 29 miles (which makes it the first week I will have actually run a marathon distance in one week).

I'll let you know how it works out...


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