Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Marathon training: week 8 update

This week was not good. TechReady 4 was in town, and I spent most of the week downtown. Not only did I not get any runs in during the week, I also didn't eat right while I was there.

Anyway, I went out for my long run on Sunday, which was scheduled for 13 miles. I figured I'd extend it by a little and make it into a half marathon.

Things started out okay, but by mile 5 I was starting to really get tired. I hit the turnaround at 6.5 miles and was really struggling. By the time I hit 7 miles, I was absolutely out of gas. I basically walked most of the way back. When I tried to get started running again, I could only go for a few hundred yards before my legs just refused to go.

I'm not sure what it was: the lack of running, the poor diet, the food I ate before the run, etc., but it really worried me that I could have such trouble at a distance I've done before and was only a mile longer than the distance I ran the week before. In addition, it was especially troubling given that I started having trouble so early in my run...

Anyway, I posting this message over a week late and can say that things have worked out (check my next post).


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