Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Weird knee issue

No, I'm not injured (I don't think), but I have been having some weirdness in my knees for quite some time. Basically, whenever I do something like a deep knee bend, I feel a lot of muscular weakness centered around my knees. This is especially pronounced after running. For example, if I have done a longer run (on the treadmill at the gym, for example), the simple process of walking up the stairs to leave the locker room at the Pro Club causes pain around my knees.

The pain is not in the joints, which is positive (I think), but more in the tendons or muscles around the area. It does tend to go away after a while. I am wondering if, because I am almost exclusively running and have been neglecting my strength training, I am neglecting certain muscles that don't get exercised during running but do get used when doing squats and other leg press type motions. I have decided that I will start doing basic squats and ball squats regularly to see if working on this motion will help the problem to go away. One good thing is that this does not seem to impact my running at all.

If you've experienced something like this, please leave a comment and let me know a) what it was, and b) what you did about it.

Awww poor're just looking for excuses to stop your marathon training :)

Did you sign up yet? I'm signed up for the St. Louis Half. Just trying to get 15 miles per week in right now and will start doing some longer runs in a couple weeks.
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