Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Results of the Las Vegas Half Marathon

Well, I had several issues that impacted me during the final weeks of preparation for the half marathon. I was sick for two solid weeks, and although I was able to do shorter runs during that time, my long runs we definitely impacted. My final long run was only 4 miles (!). In addition, Seattle had a major snow storm that basically meant we couldn't leave the house for about 3 days.

Anyway, I was concerned when I did the half that I might not even be able to finish it. My longest long run during training for this race was only 8 miles. However, it was an easy course and I finished in 2:20:32. This does not count a 2 minute potty break I took where I turned my watch off. It turns out that this is about 20 seconds better than my first half, so I got a new PR! :-)

As far as the race itself went, it was not that fantastic, although it was cool to run with so many thousand runners (about 15,500). It was also cool to have a big crowd cheering us on (although it would have been nice if they were there at the end of the race rather than the beginning. Being in Vegas was fun, and I had a good time with Mark Dinman and the other Asynchrony guys, as well as Mark's buddy, Mike Fitzgerald from New York.

Mark seems to think that this will be an annual event for all of us. I'm not sure if I'll do it every year, but it was definitely fun this time.

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