Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Running plans for July

I am still staying fit, with my weight hovering around 178. In order to keep things going, I'm planning on doing the following runs next month:

Let me give you a little advice about the torchlight run: unless you regularly run in the afternoons, it's hard to figure out what and when to eat. I completely screwed up last year on this race; I should have eaten more carefully even from the morning, drank more water, and then I complicated it all by going out way too fast in the heat. If a good time is important to you, I'd definitely recommend doing some afternoon runs to get the practice - I didn't, and I really suffered (major cramps, I was actually in tears).
Thanks for the advice. I've found the heat really does impact me a lot. It seems like my HR goes up about 5-10 BPM when it's 90 vs. when it's 70 for the same effort.

Are you doing this race? Perhaps I'll see you there...
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