Thursday, May 11, 2006

Phase 1 recap

I had my doctor's visit on Tuesday. During the visit, Dr. Upton went over my results from my fitness assessment and we discussed my progress so far on the program. Here are some of the stats:

Before: 221
After: 184

Before: 30.0 (Obese)
After: 24.3 (Normal)

Blood Pressure:
Before: 145/107
After: 136/86

Blood Glucose:
Before: 100
After: 96*

Before: 200
After: 189*

Before: 325
After: 110*

Before: 34
After: 42*

Before: 130 (est.)
After: 125

The measurements with asterisks are considered normal.

A little more data: I've lost 4.25" in my chest, 6.25" in my waist, 3.25" in my hips, 0.75" in my bicep, and 2.5" in my thigh.

On the whole, I'd say I've done pretty well...

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