Tuesday, May 30, 2006

15 week update

I have slacked off on posting for a while, but I thought I'd just check in and let people know how I'm doing. I've gotten down to 178.5 lbs on my scales at home. This is 3.5 lbs. away from my stretch goal. The other day I had to buy 32" waist pants for the first time in who knows how long. The 33" waist pants I bought awhile back are now too big.

Overall things are going well. I've got a new trainer which is cool because he brings a whole new vibe to my sessions at the PRO Club. Hopefully, I'll reach my goal of 175 before the program is over. I'll keep you posted.

Holy Cow dude! I remember seeing you at Grandpa's funeral, and you're now in a size 32" pant? I'm in a 34", what a fat-*** I am ;)
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