Thursday, April 20, 2006

Week 10 update

Tuesday was the first day of my maintenance phase. What this means is I cut back to 2 trainer days a week and a dietician visit every other week. This goes on for another 10 weeks.

What this means is that I didn't meet with Megan today, so I had to do my weigh-in on my own. My weight when jumped on the official scales was 189.0 lbs.! This means I have met two of my weight loss goals: 1) get out of the 190s, and 2) get down to "normal weight" according to BMI.

This means that for my entire 10 week 20/20 program, I have lost 33.4 lbs., or 3.3 lbs. per week on average. I've got to say that I like the way I look and feel a lot more than I used to. That said, I've still got a fair amount of belly fat that I would really like to get rid of. I have lost about .25" of unsightly wrist fat which makes my watch not fit right.

Just to give a quick running update, I've done 21 miles per week the last 2 weeks, and am going to do 24 miles this week. This will include an 8 miler either tomorrow or Saturday and a 5 miler either Saturday or Sunday. My training for the Beat the Bridge is going well and my pace is slowly getting better and better.

33.4 pounds, that is fantastic! Congratulations. This has been a great program. I have extended to 15 weeks, but get my week 10 results tomorrow. I am very close to 30 pounds, so I am really hoping that I can hit that mark. You will have to keep us posted as to how phase 2 goes and the struggles you face.
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