Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My running program

In case anyone is interested, here is my current running program. I am focusing on heart rate zone training, and adjusting my pace to keep my HR in the right range. The one exception to this policy is that for most runs I will not drop below a certain pace. Usually this means that for the last half mile or so I will allow my HR to drift above the upper limit. This starts to happen around the end of some of my longer runs, especially if I've run a few days in a row.

My schedule is as follows:

Sunday - Rest day
Monday - Short easy run (3 miles with my HR in the 133 to 146 range)
Tuesday - Medium distance easy run (4-5 miles with the same HR as above)
Wednesday - Rest Day
Thursday - Short threshold run (3 miles with my HR in the 161 to 173 range)
Friday - Medium distance easy run (same as Tuesday)
Saturday - Long run (6-8 miles with my HR in the 147 to 160 range)

Once I finish Beat the Bridge, I might mix up my schedule some. I think that I'm doing well enough on my training and endurance that I am probably going to go straight into training for the Seafair Half-Marathon that comes in July.

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