Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Initial appointments

Well, yesterday was my first appointments with my personal trainer (David) and my dietician (Megan). Everything went pretty well, and I've survived the first day of the rest of my life. Here's the lowdown:

I met the personal trainer at 12:00. First, we had a conversation about my goals for the program. Next, because my blood sugar was high and I have high blood pressure, they measured both. My blood sugar test required 4 finger sticks for some reason, but my blood sugar was good (84). My BP was 140/90, which is not great but is a lot better than my BP during my fitness evaluation.

With that out of the way, I started on some cardio. David put me on the treadmill for a 25 minute run. I started at 5 mph and dropped down to 4.5 as my heart rate got too high. I was really happy to know that I could still run. I ran right around 2 miles, and burned about 300 calories (according to my heart rate monitor).

Next, we did some strength training, but because of the preliminary interview and blood stick fiasco, we only got in a set of chest presses and a set of lat pulldowns. We're going to work on muscular endurance, both for running and for bass drumming. This means more reps at lower weights.

Finally, we did a bit of stretching. I am not very flexible, especially my hamstrings. We did about 4 stretches before my time with the trainer was up. Before he left, David gave me a 10 lesson punch card for either circuit training or indoor cycling. I think I'll try out the circuit training at some point, but I want to get in better shape first!

Next, David handed me off to a different PRO Club guy for the video portion of my day. I watched an introductory video for about 15 minutes while I pedaled a recumbent bike. Not much new information, but a good review of the rules.

After I was done with my video, I had about 15 minutes until my dietician appointment. Basically, the dietician went over the meal replacement diet and all the things I need to do during the week. I drink 5 shakes a day, along with 12 oz. of very lean or lean protein daily. Add in a bit of fat here and there, and that's what I eat for the first week.

I was happy to find out that chicken was not the only thing on the menu. I can also eat pork, lean beef, etc. That was very exciting for me, as I like chicken just fine, but I would like a little variety.

Megan gave me a bunch of papers, a couple coupons to the bistro, and a coupon to take to the pro club to pick up all my other stuff. This stuff includes:
On the whole, it was very exciting to be finally moving forward!

Vital Statistics:

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