Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hungry this morning

This morning I was much hungrier than I've ever been so far. I had my shake and peanut butter at 8:00, and by 9:00 I was getting hungry. I held out until 10:30 untill I had my snack shake, and that seemed to do the trick.

I'm starting to get excited over moving to the next stage of the diet. I'm not sure when this will happen, but I'm hoping it will be this week. If I'm reading the literature correctly, next thing will be to add certain vegetables. This will be very exciting! This is wierd because I've never been a big vegetable fan.

This may be why the diet doesn't allow "free" foods like many diets (things like cucumbers, peppers, celery, etc. that really don't have many calories). My wife asked me this yesterday and I didn't have an answer, but now I might. Perhaps the purpose of the shake-only thing is to get you so tired of eating the same thing over and over again, that you actually get excited about healthy foods that you'd normally only eat because they are on the plate. If this is the strategy, I can tell you that it's working...

Blogs are too complicated for me I think, but I do enjoy reading about your progress. So far for me, so good. I am at the end of day 2. Sick of shakes already:) What I have found to be good is the Aquafina Fruit Water (no calories, carbs or sugar) but also not carbonated. I use that in the chocolate shake with strawberries (frozen) and no ice. It isn't super sweet, but it gives a little sweetness to the shakes and a little more flavor. For me, it makes it pretty good. I can't do the vanilla though, have not triend the others (Strawberry or Chicken soup variety). Keep up the good work!
I think they don't let you have any free foods for two other reasons: first, when foods come back to you, you may notice something that they'll call an allergic reaction that you didn't know about before. Second, no food really is "free," right - if it's food, it likely has some calories. If you eat an entire cucumber, I think that's 40 even though a slice is like 2 or 5 or something, it still adds up. But, to your point about desiring healthy foods you never liked before just because of the variety, I never craved lettuce so much as I did before I got my vegetables back!
I hear you, I am on day 3 1/2 and I am SO READY for a salad. I can't wait to meet with my nutritionist on Friday so I can have veggies back.
You should get veggies back tomorrow, right? Enjoy! Have a great workout tomorow.
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