Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Get ready... get set...

I've recently spent some time getting ready for the start of my program. I rummaged through my exercise stuff and found my heart rate monitor (a Polar S210 in case you're interested). I celebrated finding it by walking on the treadmill at the Pro Club for 35 minutes. According to my HRM, I burned 300 calories. According to the treadmill, I burned 400. I'm not sure which is right, but one thing's for sure: I burned some calories...

While I was at the club, I checked out the pro shop for the blenders that they sell (for blending shakes). They sell a Tribest blender for $60. I found the same blender on for $50, so I ordered it and a carrying case. I know this is pretty pricey, but I figure that I can sell it afterwards if we don't want it any more. It will sure beat carrying a traditional blender back and forth to work and home.

I also went by Costco and picked up fish oil capsules. Dr. Upton mentioned that he got his fish oil from Costco, and if they're good enough for him, they're good enough for me.

I still need to get a scale for weighing food portions. Beyond that, I think I'm ready to go. Six days to go and counting...

Howdy! I'm going through the program as well and it's been an amazing time, frought with both ups and downs. It was frustrating for me at first so I would encourage you to reach out to other people when you feel like you're slipping. I might check back on your progress from time to time just to re-motivate myself!
Thanks for the advice. Please do check back: I hope I have some success to share!

I am keeping up on you as well to stay motivated:) I start in 7 days, next week is my initial fitness test, Dr. visit and first nutiritionist appointment. I feel like I have been waiting for so long to start this progam.
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