Monday, February 13, 2006


This morning I jumped on the scales at home and it said I was down another 0.5 lb. However, when I weighed myself at the club, it said I was up 1.4 lbs from last time. This was a bit disappointing...

Hey Bill - You shouldn't weigh yourself daily. I have to fight this tendency in myself, too. Your weight is going to fluctuate hugely now that you're lifting weights - the way the dietician explained it to me was that when you lift, you make these micro-tears in your muscle. Then water goes to the affected areas to help repair them, so you weigh more the day after lifting than you will two days later. I find that my weight normally fluctuates a full three pounds between morning and night, and it's REALLY DEPRESSING to be up three pounds on a day when I ate properly and exercised, but it's normal. It's healthier for your brain and better for your motivation if you weigh yourself weekly, under the same circumstances (eating the same thing at the same time, going to the bathroom at the same time, exercising - or not - in the same way).
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