Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weekly weight loss goals

I read on a web site formula that helps you calculate your base caloric requirements to maintain your current weight. According to this calculation, I need to eat 2501 calories a day to maintain my weight. From what I hear of the Pro Club diet plan, they keep you on about 1500 calories per day. That means that over a week, I will be 7000 calories lower than what's needed to maintain my current weight (not counting exercise). Given that to lose a pound you need a caloric deficit of 3500 calories, I should lose two pounds per week (assuming that formula was accurate as was my math). Exercise should help increase this as will losing water weight.

I've seen other, less complicated formulas for calories required to maintain a given weight. One formula says to muliply your weight by 14. This would put me at 3080 calories to maintain my weight. This seems high, but let's go with it. If this is accurate, then I will lose a little over 3 pounds per week.

My goal is to lose 2 pounds per week of the 10 week program, and 1 pound per week during maintenance (12 weeks). That would equal 32 lbs lost during the whole program. This is not my final goal, but I would be pleased with this result. What would really be good is if I could lose 2.5 lbs per week during the 10 week program. This would put my total loss at 37 pounds. That would be awesome.

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