Friday, January 27, 2006

A shared secret

It turns out my dirty little secret (pigging out on things before I go on my diet) may not be anything to be proud of, but I am not unique in doing this. In fact, Nelson (the trainer who conducted my fitness evaluation) actually said this is fairly normal and didn't discourage it. He also mentioned that some people had entered the program having put on over 5 pounds between the time that they signed up for the program and their fitness evaluation (I've put on 2)...

Bill, Best of luck to you on this program. I just scheduled all of my initial appointments today to participate in the program. I start with my trainer and nutritionist on the 10th. I am sure it will be hard, but should be an adventure:)
Good luck to you as well! Perhaps we'll run into each other at the club (and not know it)!

From the sounds of it, we will be pretty much living there. Now that I have my schedule, I can not believe the time committment. I wish I could fast forward the next 15 weeks and see the results. Thanks for the detailed entries, I have sent my husband to read your site as you are giving great detailed information:) Happy working out!
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